The Spanish speaking population in our schools has been growing and continues to grow. Local school districts are doing what they can to deal with that, and at the same time, not take anything away from the education your child is getting.

In Conroe ISD, the Spanish speaking population is about 31%. Maria Banos Jordan of the Texas Familias Council told KTRH the district has been making adjustments.

“There has been an increase in hiring bilingual teachers, but it’s a challenge. We are behind the rate of growth,” Banos Jordan said. “The school system has seen a boom in the Spanish speaking community for over a decade.”

But if you think dealing with these kids and the language barrier is taking time away from your kid, Banos-Jordan says it isn't.

“Remember most of our children, especially in Montgomery County, become bilingual by the time they start school,” Banos Jordan stated. “They provide social work and guidance to navigate the school system. They help children who are at high risk for dropout.

And if you're worried this is all costing you more, Banos Jordan says that's not the case.

“It’s about changing the way we reach them. It’s not about adding anything. It’s about tweaking what we already have,” Banos Jordan explained. “It’s about mobilizing existing resources.”

KTRH did reach out to Conroe, Katy, Fort Bend and Pasadena ISD's. They were unable to talk to us for this story.

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