In a day and age where you are constantly on your cell phones, tablets and laptops you probably think you know a lot about technology. But a new report says you might want to rethink that.

According to a study by Vouchercloud 11% of you think the term 'HTML,' which is language used to create websites is actually an STD. Maggie Reardon is a senior writer at CNET and told KTRH she could see it.

“I felt bad. It sounded like they were surveying my father. I felt bad for these people,” Reardon said. “I see these terms all the time, but my father and my aunts and uncles don’t.”

Now there's been some debate in the tech world about whether or not this survey was ever really conducted. Reardon admits she has questions.

“It seems pretty outrageous. I haven’t seen any sample questions,” Reardon explained. “I haven’t really vetted Vouchercloud. But every time you see a video that goes viral you tend to see a note the next day saying it was a hoax.”

But if it was a hoax Reardon says Vouchercloud accomplished their goal, which was getting publicity.

“They did a good job if that is what their aim was. A brilliant job, actually,” Reardon stated.

Among the study's other findings were that 27% of you apparently think that 'gigabyte' is an insect found in South America, 23% thought the term ‘MP3’ was actually a Star Wars robot and that 18% that thought Blu-Ray was a marine animal.