Back in February we told you that the number of people in the state who considered themselves Texans first and Americans second was getting larger. The University of Texas and the Texas Tribune dug a little deeper, and the results could have you raising your eyebrow.

The biggest surprise, according to Josh Blank at the University of Texas is that you can take the stereotypes and throw them out the window.

“You expect the people who call themselves Texans to be white, older males. Only part of that was true,” Blank said.

IIt turns out that 33% of Hispanics identified themselves as 'Texan' before American, and  that 40% of 18-29 year olds feel the same way; a bigger number than any other age group.

“Hispanics were the racial group most inclined to identify themselves like that more than any of the other ethnic groups,” Blank explained.

What wasn't surprising was that more men than women thought the same thing.

“If you think about the imagery of being a Texan is, it’s cowboys and rugged individualists,” Blank stated.

And those who said Texan before American were also likely to be Republican as opposed to Democrat.

“Given that Republicans are in control of all the statewide offices, you would be more inclined to call yourself a Texan first if you are a Republican,” Blank said.

Thirty-five percent of republicans considered themselves Texans first, while that number for Democrats was 16%. Blank says Texans simply think the state does a better job of things than the rest of the country.