Security experts and officials will have to ask themselves how to make you safer at the airport following a shooting in Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Former FBI Agent James Conway tells KTRH Carnell Moore, who walked into the terminal with a gun, fired shots and killed himself, found an area without much security.

Carnell Moore (above).

“Security is focused on the gate area, where people are going to enter and go to gates and be on planes and fly at 30,000 feet,” Conway said.

Conway says Moore found what amounts to a ‘soft target.’

“The coming and going of people is wide open. There is no security there,” Conway stated.

So will officials now change the way things are done in terms of security at our airports?

“It causes security folks to stand up straight and look to determine what kind of steps can be taken to preclude something from happening down the road,” Conway explained.

Conway says law enforcement will react to the shooting.

“You might see an increase of uniform police officers or others in the terminal area,” Conway said.

Moore walked into the terminal with an AR-15, handgun, left a note in his car and cryptic messages on his Facebook page. The scene, according to passengers, was chaotic

“I heard two pops and thought they were gun shots. Another guy came towards me and said that someone was shooting a gun,” the witness said.

A co-worker says he's stunned Moore would do this.

“This guy was so quiet. To hear something like this came out of him, it’s shocking. It’s beyond belief,” the co-worker said to our television partner, Local 2.

That co-worker with our TV partner Local 2. The Homeland Security officer who shot Moore was taken to the hospital but only as a precaution.

UPDATE - Police reveal details about the shooting at IAH, including a kidnapping, and the source of a second weapon: