It’s a story that made headlines nationally. A Kansas City teacher was beaten up by an angry parent. If you think it’s not happening around Houston, you are wrong.

It is happening here. And it's happening more than you'd think.

“It happens. I hear it from my members. They get sworn at. All kinds of name calling,” Gayle Fallon of the Houston Federation of Teachers told KTRH.

Fallon says she tells her members to try and minimize the impact of the confrontation.

“We tell them not to engage. Move the conversation to the administrative offices,” Fallon stated.

Retired teacher Janice Vancleave told KTRH in her career she's faced her share of angry parents.

“They’d be critical and angry, but never physically angry. I did have parents that would be verbally abusive,” Vancleave said.

A recent survey indicated that 80% of teachers had some sort of confrontation with an angry parent. Fallon explained why we are seeing the amount of confrontations.

“If the child isn’t learning, they think it’s the teacher’s fault. It’s the teacher’s responsibility to make the child learn,” Fallon said.

But Vancleave told KTRH teachers don’t act the way they used to these days. And that could set some parents off

“Teachers aren’t always as professional as they were in the past. Some think that they are in charge of the kids’ education. And they’ve been trained to think that,” Vancleave explained.

And she adds that parents have other options besides confrontation.

“I can see taking the child out of the school if that kind of anger was caused by whatever the teacher did,” Vancleave said.

But a physical confrontation? Vancleave thinks there is no excuse for it in any case.