Maybe you weren’t one of the millions of people affected by the recent hack into Target’s database. But that doesn’t mean your personal information won’t be at risk at some point this year.

Stephen Boyer of BitSight told KTRH there are many retailers who have worse security problems than Target.

“The concern we have is that Target isn’t the worst of them. There were other retailers that had worse profiles and performance than Target’s,” Boyer said. “When we analyze the hundreds of companies in retail, many of the large companies that you would recognize are in there. They have lots of consumer data.

And that means more hacks could be coming this year.

“Are there other retailers that will be exploited? Will there be other giant data loss?” Boyer asked.

Boyer thinks the Target hack was something that could be seen coming.

“The evidence we saw was that these systems were increasingly under the influence of an outside force,” Boyer stated.

Cyber security expert Bill Morgan says other countries that have been able to solve these problems because of new credit card technology, called EMV.

“It does a better job of correlating the individual to the transaction. It has a higher degree of assurance of your positive identity,” Morgan explained.

But almost 95% of credit cards in the U.S. don't have that tech yet because of the cost.

“People are performing on razor thin margins as it is. At the end of the day somebody has to pay for it and ultimately it’s the consumers,” Morgan said.

But even that may not fight off a recent hack that was discovered using a television and a refrigerator.