Apple and Comcast are reportedly in early talks to offer live TV and on-demand video. Could this be the end of television as we know it?

Jerry Waite is a professor of technology at the University of Houston. He believes television already is on its last legs.

“I don't think there's enough money to be made in television to support the infrastructure,” Waite tells KTRH News. “I think people are much more willing to get just what they want when they want, and not to pay for things that they don't want.”

Many people simply DVR their favorite shows, others watch on Hulu or Netflix. Waite calls that a sign television is already turning a la carte.

The big hurdle is providing Internet to everyone, something Waite says Comcast will play a key role in doing.

“By providing the exact content that somebody wants, Apple and Comcast have a pretty good idea of the future,” he says.

Waite believes only news, weather and sports will continue to operate on a clock -- everything else may become some form of on-demand.

“I think that's the way things are going, and in ten years will television exist?” he asks. “My best guess is it will be a much smaller industry than it is now.”