Apple says it's done nothing wrong, but it's agreed to settle a class action lawsuit brought by parents who got huge bills for iTunes purchases made by their children. In this case, the purchases were made inside apps for game currency and did not require the account holder's permission.   

Houston attorney David Leonard says a settlement web site lists the apps in question.

"Look at your iPhone and see if any of the ones your kids have bought virtual currency on qualifies under the settlement."

Leonard says there's a legal reason Apple agreed to settle.

"In order to form a valid contract there has to be a meeting of the minds and when your kid is pushing buttons on his iPhone without your knowledge then there is no valid contract."

For the record, Apple says it's settling only to avoid burdensome and costly litigation.

"I just think it's a situation where our technology in mobile gaming has just advanced further than anybody expected and this is just one of the unintended consequences."