While most of us are worried about the NSA listening to our phone calls, some are using an app that encourages strangers to listen in. It's called 'Crowd Pilot' and it's a bit like a landline where others can simply pick up an extension and listen to your call.

Who would want to make his or her phone calls public? Social Media Goddess Crystal Washington says it's a bit narcissistic.
"It's almost like this Dear Abby; 'everyone has their own reality show via social media' type of attitude."

And it's probably a bad idea for most of us.

"I don't think it's a good idea because people can potentially put out -- not only just incriminating -- but, you know just private information that with other people listening in could be quite damaging."

There's no expectation of privacy when you choose to make your phone call public, but Washington says some users may not fully realize what they're doing.

"When we see apps like these pop up -- those apps that we know are probably much more damaging than helpful -- it's not smart to ignore them. It's smart to at least gain a basic understanding of them by reading about them."