The American Psychiatric Association says there is no such diagnosis of `affluenza,' that a psychologist said a wealthy North Texas teen suffered from when he killed four people while driving drunk.

A juvenile court judge sentenced the 16-year-old to 10 years probation.  Prosecutors were seeking the maximum 20 years behind bars.

Houston psychologist Laurence Abrams says he's never heard of 'affluenza' either, adding that growing up wealthy doesn't give you a free pass to indulge yourself.

“I understand what the expert witness is talking about, the affluent issues that people have no responsibility and they think the world owes them a living sometimes, but this all comes down to parent education and parent training of the children,” says Dr. Abrams.

Congressman Ted Poe is a former judge known for handing down unusual sentences.  He can't understand how the judge in this case bought the defense's argument.

“This defense that I was just too wealthy and its not my fault, its the fact that I have a lot of money, its the fault of my criminal conduct of killing four people, I haven't heard that defense and I think that its ludicrous,” Poe tells KTRH News.

Many are calling into question the judge's political ties in North Texas.  Others believe the judge simply wanted to give the boy a second chance, adding he likely would have been released from jail early.

“If it was under any other type of situation, this kid would be in prison,” says Poe.  “He killed four people.  He would be certified as an adult and tried as an adult.”