The Harris County Toll Road Authority is defending yet another rate hike saying smaller increases are better than one large shocking amount. 

Terri Hall with Texans United for Reform and Freedom (TURF) says they're nickel and diming us either way.

“Just because its incremental doesn't mean it doesn't affect the pocket book of the average citizen,” she tells KTRH News.  “When we keep having to put more money in the till, it ultimately is like a pay cut.”

The new rate hike goes into effect in September, impacting EZ TAG users and those who drive the Katy Managed Lanes.

“Lawmakers in Austin and Washington refuse to take the road taxes we already pay and properly allocate it to roads,” says Hall.  “They're raiding our road funds for non-road purposes then coming back to us saying well sorry, the only way to get your road fixed is to pay all these tolls.”