It may be a scary future of more snooping -- or we may benefit from it. Microsoft researchers say they've created a program called “Far Out” that can accurately predict where you'll be right now -- 285 days in the future.

Tech guru Peter Shankman says this is nothing new. He says if your cell phone has GPS, you're being tracked.

"In terms of hiding and privacy, we're all on the grid. It's very, very difficult to be off the grid."

But Shankman says there's an easy way to throw the prediction a curve.

"You wanna spoil all of those algorithms in two seconds? Take an alternate route to work once a week and vary the day that you do it."

However, Shankman sees a benefit to it. By collecting this data we may be able to predict where terrorists and other criminals may be.

"It can potentially plot where terrorists are going to be; it can potentially plot where bombs are going to go off -- where crimes are going to take place. That's something interesting. It could predict the area most likely for carjackings. It's possible you could plot how to be safer."

The researchers collected GPS data from about 300 volunteers in the Seattle area.