It's a Holy Grail of personal grooming: a cure for baldness. Many of the treatments come about by accident, like this past week when researchers at Yale reported a side effect of an arthritis drug grew hair on a 25-year-old man who previously had no hair. Whatever the "cure" it's big business.

The owner of Tom Magliaro's Hair Additions in Bellaire says his laser treatment for baldness is FDA approved.

"Low light laser stimulates the blood flow around the follicles to allow the debris -- which restricts the growth in the follicles -- to be cleared away."

Magliaro says it takes about nine months.

"It's around $3,000 for the year but we divide it into interest free payments so the client can pay us out."

Plus, you can take the treatment home.

"The portable machines have the efficacy of the larger hooded machine and they can take it and use it in the convenience of their own home. So it's really opened up the market tremendously."

Magliaro says some treatments -- when baldness is caused by a medical condition -- are covered by insurance, but typical male pattern baldness is not.