NOAA's Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast calls for another above average season with 13 to 20 named storms.

Of those named storms, 7 to 11 will be hurricanes and 3 to 6 of those will be major hurricanes.

"Typically for active or very active seasons, like we expect this year, they tend to produce more hurricane landfalls."

Hear more about the busy hurricane season ahead:  

NOAA's lead forecaster Dr. Gerry Bell says there's no way to predict how many might be headed our way, but we're in the danger zone.

"We're still in a high activity era for Atlantic hurricanes. And the wind patterns that have been producing more activity are again expected to be present this year."

Dr. Bell says now's the time to prepare to be able to leave your home on short notice. Put together at least a week's worth of supplies, including food, water and medicine.