The Uptown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone wants to annex 18 hundred acres, including Memorial Park, but conservative political insider Chris Begala is calling for the process to slow down.

He got his wish, at least temporarily. 

The question will now be examined at a public hearing next Tuesday.

Begala wants to know more.  “This is moving way, way too fast,” he warns, “and council doesn’t even know what they’re doing.”

He adds, “That’s all the people are asking – tell us what you’re trying to do here.”

Begala is concerned these are the first steps toward retiring a big chunk of debt so the zone can move forward with plans for expansion of Bus Rapid Transit and rail, something he and others oppose strenuously.  He says the TIRZ has been responsible for planting pretty flowers, building nice medians and putting up pretty Christmas trees in the past.

To be done properly, expansion of mass transit could add millions of dollars in debt to a city already struggling financially.

Begala is a partner in in Houston.