Wanna buy a piece of Arian Foster? Well, you can. Fantex Holdings has a Foster IPO and you can buy stock based on the Houston star's future earnings.  

Sports attorney and TSU Professor Walter Champion says you probably can't get rich investing in an athlete, but you could get an interesting piece of memorabilia to hang on the wall.

"We live vicariously through our athletes and our sports teams. So if I can have a part of a football player, maybe a photograph on my wall, I might do it, because, you know, I'm stupid."

Fantex has 37 pages of risk factors, including a possible career-ending injury or a performance slump. Fantex says it'll pay Foster $10-million.

"I doubt you could make a lot. So I think it's more memorabilia than anything else. But you might make something -- you probably won't lose anything."