We were all told as kids that we shouldn’t waste our food; that poor people in other places would be happy to eat what we didn’t like. It looks like, at least according to a new report, the message didn’t sink in.

The Department of Agriculture says that as a country we waste nearly one-third of our food. And that food is worth about 161 billion dollars. But Brian Greene at the Houston Food Bank says it's not the kind of waste you think it is.

“Billions of pounds of perfectly good, nutritious food was wasted because it was too small, too big or the label was put on wrong. There are many reasons why this food was not sold and not consumed,” Greene explained.

So the majority of the problem is at the production and distribution levels. What can we do to fix this? Lon Ricker at The Soup Mobile has a possible solution.

“It would be great if they could put someone in charge of calling agencies like ours and we’d send a vehicle to come and pick it up,” Ricker said.

Ricker also says another way to go about it is that if you find yourself buying more food than you need.

“You could donate what you know you won’t need,” Ricker stated.

The Department of Agriculture report also says 14 percent of the garbage that's in landfills right now is food waste.