Americans watch a lot of video -- and most of it comes from the television.  New numbers just released show four hours of TV viewing each day for each of us and, surprisingly, only about 30 minutes of watching videos online or on a smartphone.  Pop culture professor Garth Jowett says we spend a lot of time in front of a screen on some device.


“When you calculate all the time involved,” Jowett says, “the most normative form of behavior in our society is watching television, watching a screen.”


Jowett says the way we use media is changing, but it's changing slowly.  The next big change may come in our cable TV service.


“These hundreds and hundreds of channels - I mean, the number of times that I have watched the fishing channel or one of those online game channels,” Jowett says, “I just don't watch that stuff.”


Jowett says we watch those videos on many different devices, from the 5-inch screen on the iPhone to the 65-inch thin-screen television bolted to the wall.