A national employment expert says the American workplace is becoming filled with so-called "job-hoppers."  That's somebody who takes a permanent position, stays for less than a year before leaving, and does it more than once.  Nobody stays in the same job at the same company for 30 years or more.


CareerBuilder.com spokesperson Jennifer Grasz says it happens more often in some industries than others, particularly information technology.


“Other industries -- transportation, hospitality, retail, manufacturing,” Grasz says.  “Some of that may have to do with a talent shortage.  Some of that may have to do with just the nature of the functions.”


Grasz says the change represents a fundamental shift in workplace attitudes -- by employees and their bosses.


She says it's true that one-in-three hiring managers actually expect job hopping.


“They're (young workers) gaining experience,” she explains.  “They're building up skill sets, using this as a stepping stone to land a different job, higher title, higher pay somewhere else.  So, we have a much more transient work force.”