It seems that everywhere you go, people are more on edge. People are angrier. It affects everyone. Celebrities like Alec Baldwin have lost their cool in a very public manner. Some have even called it an ‘epidemic.’

And why are we so angry? It could be the job market. It could be the economy. It could be the long hours we work. Anger management counselor Matt Barnhill told KTRH it’s being felt more today than in a very long time.

“People have always been angry. It’s an emotion we feel when we deal with loss. Are Americans dealing with a lot of loss these days? You bet they are,” Barnhill said.

And Barnhill says at this time of year, with the holidays upon us, it’s more of a problem than it normally is.

“If you’ve had a death in the family and you are accustomed to seeing those people during the holidays that loss is more acute during this time,” Barnhill explained.

In a recent poll, 60% of you told USA Today that they you are angry. Barnhill says you need to deal with your anger.

“You’ve got to work through the hurt,” Barnhill said.

His suggestion? Well some anger management wouldn't hurt.

“You can’t live with this anger. It’s going to eat you up,” Barnhill stated.

And that USA Today poll we mentioned? Well, the 60% feeling angry is up from 50% just two years ago.