Amazon isn’t just for shopping anymore.

The company is getting into the intelligence game, developing a cloud system for the CIA that will allow them and other intelligence agencies to share information. Joan Neuhaus Schaan of the Texas Security Forum understands why the CIA wants this.

“The bottom line is they are trying to achieve cost effectiveness. There is a balance between cost effectiveness and vulnerability,” Neuhaus Schaan said.

And she has her concerns.

“With corporate cloud services, our enemies are able to regularly able to hack into those files,” Neuhaus Schaan told KTRH News.

So, will Amazon's cloud keep you safe from a terror attack?

“What makes us safer is not the information. It’s the analysts; how well trained they are, and how quickly they can recognize data. If you don’t have trained analysts that can filter through what they need they might be overwhelmed with the amount of data,” she explained.

This new cloud is scheduled to be activated over the next couple of months.