Salt therapy.  It’s all the rage.  Even Dr. Oz speaks of its healing values, and businesses are popping up everywhere.

Inhaling microscopic particles of dehumidified, ground, pure salt, according to people who have enjoyed salt therapy, is amazing at clearing away the congestion of allergies, and even controlling asthma.  Immersing yourself in salt particles detoxifies skin and improves eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Some businesses are in caves with walls of Himalayan salt, said to be the purest form.  Most are rooms with chambers that look like tanning beds.

That’s what Lisa Cobb has at her business Luxury on Lovers in Dallas.

“We take pharmaceutical salt, and there’s a grinder that grinds it into a powder, and then it blows it into the chamber in little micro-particles that you breathe in.  So you actually get a benefit for your lungs, your entire respiratory system, and also your skin,” Cobb tells KTRH News.

There are several spas in North Texas that offer salt therapy.

In Houston, Michelle DeRouen owns Float Houston Health and Wellness, which offers a different kind of salt therapy using Epsom salt.  She says floating in one of her chambers is like floating on the Dead Sea.

“There is 250 gallons of water, and 800 lbs of Epsom Salts.  They also call it the zero gravity effect, so when you get in you float on the top, like a cork,” says DeRouen.  “The water is heated to skin temperature so after about five minutes you can’t feel the water any more.  It just feels like you are floating in mid-air.”

DeRouen says your aches and pains float away.  Customers with fibromyalgia find it especially soothing.

Most doctors tell you to swear off salts.  But not this kind.