An English doctor says he's working on the alcohol equivalent of e-cigarettes. He claims his "alcohol substitute" will allow you to get drunk without a hangover and you can instantly sober up with an "anti-dote."

Dr. Jennifer Reingle is an epidemiologist at the UT School of Public Health in Dallas.

"I'm not surprised at all that this is something that could be done. It seems very reasonable; I mean you could create a pharmaceutical drug to do pretty much anything to the brain."

But the keyword here may be drug. Dr. Reingle says this is not a naturally occurring substance and it probably has no medicinal value.

"Drugs aren't approved by the FDA to be used recreationally to get drunk and then to stop being drunk when you feel like not being drunk anymore."

So it may not be legal in the States anyway. And Dr. Reingle points out side effects are likely.

"Every drug we know about; there's no single drug that exists -- even aspirin -- that doesn't have associated side effects."

The English doctor says his product is probably a few years away from the market.