The latest TSA breach of a 9-year-old boy who hopped a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas has security officials scratching their heads. 

Terrorism expert Jeff Addicott says it may sound harmless, but that kid just exposed a weakness which could be exploited later on.

“Children are assumed to be traveling with an adult, so people don't as much attention to a child as they would an adult, and so everyone assumes its a child and must be traveling with somebody,” he tells KTRH News.

“If our enemy know we're not paying attention, and know where we're weak, they'll take advantage of that weakness,” says Addicott.

The TSA issued a statement saying it is “investigating whether it should reconfigure barriers to prevent another incident.”

Addicott says that's the problem, the TSA is always reacting instead of eliminating a threat ahead of time.

“In every system you're going to have human beings involved in the process and nothing works perfectly,” he says.  “So its not unexpected that something like this could happen.”

Addicott favors profiling over reactionary screening, adding we didn't shake out our shoes until after the “shoe bomber.” By that time he says, it was too late.