“So help me God.” Those are four words that mean a lot to a lot of people, especially those of you that serve, or have served, in the military. One of those words has now been made optional.

And the word that's being made optional is 'God.'  The Air Force Academy made that decision after complaints from Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

“We want them to take out the last four words. You can’t have a federal government requiring anyone say that,” Weinstein told KTRH. “Forcing people to swear to a supreme being is simply constitutionally violative.”

Ron Crews of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty told KTRH he's stunned.

“I was astonished and disappointed,” Crews said. Most of the cadets who are there come from backgrounds of faith. We believe they should be able to say the oath like any other military officer.”

Geoffrey Corn of the South Texas College of Law served in the military and says Weinstein is wrong.

“The oath is an oath to defend the Constitution. The Constitution guarantees the freedom to exercise their faith,” Corn told KTRH.

Weinstein isn't satisfied with what the Air Force did. He wanted the entire phrase, 'So help me G-d' taken out of the oath completely.