Aggie alumni and longtime football fans are suing the Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation claiming they're being forced to spend thousands of dollars to keep their seat location at the new football stadium.

Tom and Delma Tullos endowed $20,000 for 30 years worth of season tickets, premium parking and other perks.  They say the foundation has not kept it's promise, so they're filing an injunction claiming breach of contract.

“They're just being brushed aside in the effort by the 12th Man Foundation to squeeze as much money out of the fan base right now when there is high interest in the program,” the Tullos' attorney Jay Jackson tells KTRH News.

“The Tulloses believe a deal is a deal and they should be able to maintain their seating,” says Jackson.  “But instead, like others, they are being told they have to bid on certain sections.”

The foundation denies the allegations, saying Kyle Field will have fewer seats during renovations, so some ticket holders may have to move to a new location.

“When there's change, you're never going to make everybody happy,” says foundation president Skip Wagner.  “And these are just a couple of the people who can't deal with the fact we have to do a re-seating.”

Wagner insists nobody is being forced to pay anything.

“They can just as easily go into our armchair seats in our first or third deck, they can be in the 25 or 30 yard line area and it doesn't cost a penny more,” he says.