ADHD is no longer just a problem in the classroom, is it also a problem while on the clock.

New numbers from the drug maker Express Scripts shows that since 2008, the number adults using ADHD medication has almost doubled.

Dr. Christine Le with Kelsey-Seybold says that she is seeing more and more of her adult patients being prescribed ADHD drugs, "Most of the time children have the hyperactive type of attention deficit.  In adults the symptoms that are noticed the most tend to me inactivity."

Many parents first notice they have a problem when their children are diagnosed.  Dr. Le says ADHD is mostly hereditary, "When the children have gotten tested and do well with attention deficit medicines their parents might say you know, I used to have these problems too."

Dr. Le does warn adults that other factors can cause similar symptoms, like stress or depression so it is important to get tested to make sure ADHD drugs will help.