There are more issues popping up with Obamacare than even its biggest critics thought there would be. It turns out that if you are a cancer patient you might not be able to get the treatment you want.

A recent survey found that MD Anderson is only in half of the plans in the Houston area. Our own Shara Fryer is a cancer survivor and says this is heartbreaking.

“When you know that you’re in a city that has the best of the best, you want everybody to be treated there. And now they don’t,” Fryer said.

Fryer says that because she is a survivor she has to be more careful than others, because cancer could come back at any time.

“Your body failed you once and you’re always fearful it will fail you again. Statistically, there’s an increased chance that it will,” Fryer stated.

So, are Houston cancer patients being shut out? Dorothy Gibbons at 'The Rose,' a breast cancer support group says not yet.

“We have the option for uninsured women for going through a program which is open to people who are 200% and below the poverty level,” Gibbons explained.

But she also fears that may change.

“I feel like within another month or two we might start to see some changes in that,” Gibbons told KTRH.

So what can you do if you run into a problem? Dr. Mark Anderson says you should try concierge medicine.

“Patients might wind up taking a higher deductible. But those plans usually don’t have any restrictions with the. They can go where they want to go,” Anderson stated.

KTRH reached out to MD Anderson for this story. They had no comment.