The battle over abortion rights in Texas resumed, but only for a moment.

The second special session of the Texas legislature kicked off yesterday with a decision by the Senate to take a break until Tuesday July 9th. But, the House will debate the merits of a law that would give Texas the toughest abortion laws in the country.

State Senator John Whitmire told KTRH the decision to take a break for a week doesn't make sense, especially for those supporting the proposed law.

“I don’t know why they don’t have the hearing. You’d have to ask the Lt. Governor,” Whitmire said.

However, Whitmire also thinks there is plenty of time for Republicans to pass the bill if they want to.

“They will have ample time to hear the debate and pass the bill. Although I would have said the same thing a week ago,” Whitmire explained.

Both sides held rallies in Austin on Monday. Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life told KTRH that what happened last week with Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster is just delaying the inevitable.

“Time is on our side. It’s going to get done,” Pojman said.

But Pojman said time is of the essence.

“We cannot wait,” Pojman explained. “We need to get this done right now.”

Among the speakers at the Pro-choice rally included Davis and the daughter of former Governor Ann Richards, Cecile Richards.