The first state-wide television commercial in the governor’s race comes from the Greg Abbott camp, and is in Spanish.  

Abbott’s wife Cecelia is Latina, and the commercial features her mother, Mary Lucy Phalen, and her sister, Rosie Phalen.

“It is a very ad, and it is especially going to make the task of Texas Democrats painting Greg Abbott as being anti-Hispanic all the more difficult,” says Dr. Mark Jones, chair of Political Science at Rice University.  

Dr. Jones says if Abbott can win the Hispanic vote in Texas by 40%, the same margin that Perry won in 2010, Abbott will be able to beat Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis by double-digits.  Should he get the same margin as Mitt Romney, Abbott would likely walk away with a single-digit margin of victory.

“One of the things Abbott is doing right now is being pro-active and demonstrating both to Texans at large and particularly to Hispanics that he is not someone that Texas Hispanics have to fear.  Quite to the contrary is going to try to look out for their best interests, and that is the message he is trying to impart to Hispanics,” Dr. Jones tells KTRH News.

He says Abbott was the beneficiary of Mexico’s win over Cameroon, which was broadcast on Univision and during with Abbott’s commercial won.

It never hurts to be seen with a winner.