At the end of the day it was no surprise.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made his future plans public on Sunday in San Antonio.

“I know it’s hot out here, but it’s not as hot as this campaign is about to get,” Abbott told supporters. “I want every child to have the opportunity to smile, hope, dream and achieve. That is the aspiration for Texas and our future.”

Many insiders believe that the long time Attorney General is the odds on favorite to win the office currently held by Rick Perry. Analyst Bill Miller told KTRH being Governor is something Abbott is ready for.

“This is a goal that he has had for a long time and he has been saving his money to get ready for the race,” Miller said.

He's got over $22 million in his war chest already. Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media told KTRH Abbott is the clear front runner to replace Perry.

“As things stand right now he is the strongest candidate for the Governor’s race,” Preston said.

Miller agreed, saying, “He clears the field. He’s going to be the next Governor. There’s no question about it.”

Abbott will face a challenge in the primary from Tom Pauken. State Senator Wendy Davis has not announced her plans, but there is speculation she could run as well. But Preston says Davis doesn’t stand a chance against the popular Abbott.

“Wendy Davis just doesn’t have what it takes. She doesn’t have the war chest. She doesn’t have the staff. She doesn’t have the ideas,” Preston explained.

Davis, who made national headlines with a filibuster that temporarily killed a bill giving Texas the toughest abortion laws in the country, has not announced what she plans to do with her political future. Neither has another rumored Democratic candidate, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.