Texas lawmakers say a tax hike on snacks is for your own good. But they say it's not about your health -- they wanted to make the snack tax easier to understand!

Individual-sized packages of chips and popcorn were taxed before September 1st -- but not everywhere they're sold. R.J. DeSilva in the comptroller's office says now the tax is enforced everywhere.

"They've been taxable in stores where there are eating facilities, tables and chairs. Under the bill passed by the lawmakers this past session it's still taxable in those eating facilities in stores and in ones that don't have eating facilities as well."

DeSilva says you pay the tax in vending machines, too.

"Sometimes you have stores that have tables and chairs for folks to sit down and eat, so that's where they were taxable, and now under the bill passed by lawmakers it's taxable in stores with those eating facilities and in those without eating facilities as well."

The packages are two and a half ounces or less.