The Obama Administration and Democrats in Washington didn’t get the tighter gun laws they wanted last year. Now they are trying a different way to accomplish their goals and limit your gun rights.

Senator Edward Markey wants all new guns be personalized with special features like fingerprint reading technology so that only their owners can fire them. Alice Tripp at the Texas State Rifle Association doesn't like it.

Tripp asked, “Since the FBI reports there are more hammers and baseball bats used to commit murder than guns, do we add that same technology to hammers and baseball bats?”

Tripp doesn’t buy into this idea at all.

“The idea of creating smart technology to make a simple machine crime proof is kind of silly,” Tripp told KTRH.

And Patrick Woods at Spring Guns and Ammo says 'smart guns' would be too expensive for many of you.

“Most of the guns we sell are between $500 and $800. This bill would price many people out of the market. You couldn’t produce these guns for less than a thousand dollars,” Woods said.

And Woods has concerns about the technology, too.

“I would fear that to add a computerized component to a piece of machinery that is very reliable and worry about it not working when you need it; if a gun didn’t work correctly when you needed it to work it could be a matter of life and death,” Woods explained.

A Democratic Congressman introduced a similar bill last year, which didn't go anywhere.