Some think Mitt Romney's secretly recorded statement about 47% of Americans who don't pay income tax and --quote-- "will vote for this president no matter what" was a negative turning point for him in the Presidential campaign. But new stats seem to validate Romney's statement.

The Tax Policy Center says the number that doesn't pay income taxes is now 43% and political insider Chris Begala says he's disgusted by this nation's amount of takers. He says you can quibble over whether it's 47 or 43%.

"We are upside down. We have many more takers than we do makers in this country. We do know we have 315-million people in this country and we have just over 100-million actually working full-time."

Begala says this excessive welfare state is not why we revolted against the English Crown.

"Bully for them if they think that's an existence. I think that's despicable; it is not what this country is made of. The great people that made this country a few hundred years ago and the great folks that pulled us through the Depression and World War II are spinning in their graves. It's a disgrace."