We've had test tube babies for decades. Now a London restaurant will introduce a scientific first -- a test tube hamburger!

We're not sure what the restaurant will charge, but the burger reportedly cost about $400,000 to produce. Texas A&M's Dr. Ron Gill says it's not a threat to the cattle industry.

"To me it's not anything imminent as far as a threat. I think there are some issues with the cost and commercialization of a process like that."

The meat is described as "grey with a slippery texture similar to squid or scallop."

"I also think there's gonna be some push back at least from consumer acceptance of a meat product grown in a test tube."

Dr. Gill says test tube beef will likely be a meat supplement -- when the price comes down.

However, Dr. Gill says beef prices may be about as low as they'll go.

"I doubt we'll get it much cheaper because input costs will keep the cost of beef up; competing land uses are also gonna keep the supply of cattle at a certain level."