A California engineer has come up with a diet perhaps only he could love -- liquids only. He calls his shake 'Soylent.' Relax, it's not made of people. But experts doubt many of us could follow his diet.  

Carol Wolin-Riklin is a registered dietitian at the UT Health Science Center at Houston. She says everything in moderation.

"Eating a diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and meats or beans and rice."

Houston food blogger Jodie Eisenhardt says a liquid only diet could easily backfire.

"From a deprivation standpoint it would probably make you want the bad stuff worse than ever."

VIDEO: Soylent After A Week

Both agree you could probably replace a meal with a Soylent shake once or twice a day, if you eat at least one proper meal.

"To do one or two meal replacement shakes with a third meal that is whole food based."