One of Houston’s most popular sports stars is in a bit of legal hot water today. Texans running back Arian Foster normally makes headlines for his on field success. But it's what has been supposedly happening off the field that's got him in the news.

Foster, who missed a chunk of the 2012 season because of injuries, is being taken to court by a woman that claims she's pregnant with his child.

The woman is 20-year old University of Houston student Brittany Norwood, who claims Foster has been pressuring her to end the pregnancy.

Norwood also claims Foster's brother Abdul has been doing the same thing, telling her the child would "never be accepted" by Foster's family.

Norwood went public with her accusations, first to TMZ and then to a local TV station, saying she didn't know Foster was married with kids when they first got together last summer. She gave pictures to TMZ showing her and Foster together.

Norwood also claims Foster hasn't been helping with medical bills and because of the pressure has asked for a restraining order against him. Norwood also wants Foster to get a DNA test to prove he's the father. A hearing is set for tomorrow.

The Texans and Foster are not commenting.

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