Earlier this year we told you about new cars having black boxes in them. These are the same black boxes that are used to investigate plane crashes. But they could also be used to put a dent in your wallet.

Some states are looking into a black box tax. Basically, you would pay for how many miles you drive. Lee Munnich at the University of Minnesota told KTRH it's because the gas tax isn't effective anymore.

“As cars become more fuel efficient, the revenue generated from the gas tax becomes less and less,” Munnich told KTRH.

But there are concerns with using black boxes like this.

Munnich said, “The key issue here is to make sure it’s only used to get people to pay their fair share of the road and not to collect information about where people are traveling and that sort of thing.”

So states like Oregon and California are looking into this. Could it happen here in Texas? Harvey Kronberg at the Quorum Report says you shouldn't get worked up about it.

“We won’t see it in the next legislative session,” Kronberg told KTRH.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t ever see it here.

“People initially objected to toll roads, but eventually got used to them. A black box tax down the road does not seem impossible,” Kronberg explained.