Many of us would like to have a "kill switch" on our smart phone, rendering the phone useless to thieves. But the phone carriers don't want "kill switches."

Gadget guru Peter Shankman says stolen phones are expensive to replace.

"If you're paying insurance you still have to pay an insurance premium and a coverage charge and everything like that."

Experts estimate each year the carriers make tens of billions of dollars selling insurance and replacing stolen phones. So they have no interest in a kill switch that would kill that golden goose. But Shankman says consumers do have a resource.

"Almost every phone now has the ability to allow you to remote wipe and to me that's much more important. I wanna know that if someone steals my phone or I lose my phone I can detonate it of all of its data."

Shankman says that won't keep a thief from stealing your phone, but it'll keep him from getting private information. As for a kill switch, Shankman says follow the money.

"That would cut down tremendously on the amount of cell phone theft and if you cut down on cell phone theft you’re cutting into their profits."