Jordan Bleimeyer is recovering from an unspeakable horror at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where his is being given 100-calorie meals to slowly reintroduce his emaciated body to nutrients.

His father, 24-year-old Bradley Bleimeyer, and step-mother, 33-year old Tammie Bleimeyer, are charged with child endangerment for depriving him of food for an unknown length of time.  An older step-brother told police late last week that Jordan was kept locked in a small storage space under the stairway.  Tammie Bleimeyer is out on $2,000 bail.  Her six children are in CPS custody.  Bradley Bleimeyer is still behind bars, being held on $150,000 bond.  The charges could change to felony endangerment.

Windy Hall, Jordan’s mother, has been enmeshed in legal battles for two years trying to regain custody of her only son.  Her attorney, Frank Mann, says Bradley took Jordan two years ago during a weekend visitation with his paternal grandmother.

“The reason she didn’t have custody is because she has been fighting legal battles for two years to get custody,” Mann tells KTRH News.  He says Tammy Bliemeyer worked as a paralegal at a Houston law firm and adroitly blocked all attempts by Hall to get custody.

Harris County Family Court Judge James Lombardino has granted Hall visitation privileges while Jordan remains hospitalized.  Hall had already arranged for a custody hearing April 21st, before police responded to a disturbance call at the Bleimeyer home last Thursday which led to the discovery of Jordan Hall and the torture he had endured.

“The child is in tough condition right now,” says Mann.  “He was right at the point of death.  There were markings of having been tasered, having been slammed against a wall, there was bleeding in the brain.”  And the protruding skeleton of the nearly lifeless body of an innocent five year old child.

Tammie Bleimeyer claims she was not responsible for his emaciated condition, and says she and her husband Bradley have been separated since last summer.  She claims he has not been living at her home in Spring.