The Discovery Channel celebrates the 27th consecutive year of it’s spectacularly successful concept – Shark Week.  And we obviously haven’t tired of it: ratings have never been higher.

Though their devotion to truth and education has been called into question in recent years, the Discovery Channel still captivates us with tales and spectacular images of every kind of shark including great hammerheads.  That's Dr. Gregg Stuntz's fish of the moment.  He's leading a team at Texas A & M University - Corpus Christie.

“We’re putting very advanced satellite tags on some the largest sharks we can tag and track.  In this case we’re very interested in great hammerheads,” says Dr. Stuntz.

Dr. Stuntz and his associates were featured in an episode on Hammerheads that aired on Monday night.

He says our fascination with sharks was sparked by the 1975 horror movie “Jaws”, which had everyone asking when it will be safe to go back in the water again.  The move gave sharks a pretty bad rap, and gave many fishermen a feeling of free license to hunt and kill sharks of all varieties.

Today as many as 100 million sharks are killed annually.

“Everyone seemed to think the fewer sharks the better,” Dr. Stuntz tells KTRH News.  “Now we completely realize that from a scientific perspective these animals, as apex predators, play very key and critical roles in the marine ecosystems, and we need them there for healthy oceans.”