The 100 Club has made a change in its policy to help some of Houston’s fallen heroes.

That change will benefit the families of the four fire fighters killed in the Southwest Motel fire last month. And it comes after confusion over where donations were going, but Rick Hartley of the 100 Club told KTRH he made it clear to the families what the rules were right after the fire.

“I explained that in this unusual situation where all four of the heroes were single, the policy was to provide up to $20,000 for funeral and other expenses,” Hartley said.

Hartley also said the 100 Club had been providing help to the family of William Dowling, who was seriously injured in the fire.

“We have already made a commitment to educate his children. We will probably do more,” Hartley explained.

Jeff Caynon of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association told KTRH’s Matt Patrick that despite what you might have heard he has no problem with the 100 Club.

“There isn’t any bad blood between us and the 100 Club. We appreciate all the good work they have done,” Caynon said.

Caynon also said that everyone is now on the same page.

“There was simply a misunderstanding about the benefits and where they were going to go,” Caynon explained.