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Taylor Swift is ever the mysterious cool cat. We all know she’s set to perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, at which she’s billed as a solo performer. She will also perform at this year's iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas this September. So, new music is just over the horizon, and to send us Swifties into a fit of hysterics, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram on Monday (Aug. 4) to give us a little hint.

“So, here’s the first clue…” Swift teased, attaching a video of her pressing the 18 button on an elevator. It’s still unclear if there is a direct link here to a new single, but…come on. That’s all everyone is talking about these days!

And that’s it. It should be noted that she continually pushes the button and the elevator door buzzes. Any predictions? The internet is already swirling with possibilities: Her new single is called "18?" The single drops on August 18? Her album is named "18" (for unknown reasons)? She already has a song called "Fifteen," from her Fearless days, so writing a song about coming of age isn't so far fetched.

By the sound of things, Swift will drop her fifth studio album this fall. Insiders have already projected an October 13 release, although nothing has been set in stone…yet.

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